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ICU At Home


There might be times, when it so happens that a patient requires the facilities of an Intensive Care Unit for a long duration. This can prove to be taxing, both monetarily and emotionally, especially for the immediate family members. This is where Prakruti Home Health Care can step in, and set up an ICU at home. At Prakruti Home Health Care, we understand that at no cost, do you want to compromise on the facilities being provided to your loved one.

ICU at home setup mainly comprises of the following

  • Critical Care Nurse: The most significant member of the ICU team at home is the critical care nurse, who will take care of the patient's daily medical needs like giving medicines, consulting the doctor, administering injections, checking daily progress and handling all medical equipment. An experienced critical care nurse makes sa major difference in the recovery of a patient. 

  • Medical Equipment: An ICU setup at home requires technologically advanced medical equipment. This equipment varies from patient to patient. Some of the most commonly used medical equipment includes IV stand, para monitor, oxygen cylinder, suction machine, alpha mattress, nebulizer, DVT pump etc. 

  • Bed Sore Management: Bedsores, if not paid attention to, can result in severe infection for the patient and hinder the recovery process.  Thus, proper bedsore management includes change of dressing 2-3 times a day and proper use of alpha mattress.

  • Physiotherapy: Physiotherapy helps to improve the mobility of the body. Prakruti Home Health Care provides well-trained physiotherapists at your doorstep, as a part of the ICU setup at home.

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